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Our Top 3 Tips For Meditation With Children

Our Top 3 Tips For Meditation With Children

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed every now and again. It happens to everyone… even our children. Meditation and calming techniques can benefit your children and their wellbeing immensely. Here are our top 3 tips on how to successfully calm your child with meditation.
1. Start small
Start with a few minutes everyday. It is easy to implement a few minutes of meditation in the morning before the crazy day starts. After time, your child will become confident in practicing these techniques and will use them throughout the day when needed. 
2. Be real 
Use this time to connect with your child. Be in the moment and appreciate the time you are spending with your child. Remember that you are teaching them a life skill that will benefit them throughout their life.
3. Use a tool
Using a tool such as our ZEN Mala Beads can be helpful when teaching your child meditation. The Rudraksha Beads in this bracelet are seeds from the fruit of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb Tree. They are known to calm the nervous system, help quiet the mind and free negative thought. The use of Mala meditation beads has been used for centuries and holds with it special symbolism and ritual.
We suggest starting by asking your child to count the beads and describe the beads to you.  Ask your child to focus on their breathing. Direct them to breathe in slowly and deeply for 3 seconds, and to exhale for 3 slow seconds. It can be helpful to count out to 3 for them, to guide their slow, deep breaths. To end the session it is always lovely to spend some time exchanging kind words of love to each other. This can be initiated by asking your child to list three things that they love about themselves.


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