Empowering Kids

Little people are to be adorned with treasures worthy of princes and princesses. We wanted to bring together intention and symbolism to create fashionable, eclectic keepsake jewellery to appeal to a little ones imagination.  

Our jewellery is intended to help a child feel empowered. Through gifting a child a piece of our intentional jewellery, they feel a connection with the giver which is empowering. It gives a child a sense of being important and significant to somebody and provides a sense of safety and oneness whilst sending a strong message that all children are worthy of something that is high quality and valuable, encouraging a positive self-image.

The importance of connection cannot be underestimated for a child. In this fast paced world we live in time and attention are precious - how we spend our time and where we put our attention. Often with work and general life commitments in the way of spending quality time with our children a sense of connection can be compromised which can lead to anxiety and depression. The intention behind our pieces has been to specifically encourage connection and empowerment in the wearer.  

Our jewellery is more than just a jewellery label, it's the core of who we are, our lifestyles and a reflection of those we love