1. Round up your little one.
2. Use a soft tape or piece of string and a ruler and take a snug measurement of your child's ankle or wrist.
3. If required round up to the nearest measurement on our guide below (e.g if measurement is 11.7cm round up to 12cm). Please note this is only required if you are in between the measurements on our chart. Alternatively leave a comment at checkout with exact size if you are unsure.
4. Choose the size of the bracelet or anklet required corresponding to the snug measurement taken using the table below. We will calculate the extra length required to ensure you receive an anklet/bracelet which will fit perfectly.
5. If purchasing as a gift, select size corresponding with age in the size chart.
Children's Bracelet Size Chart
Miracle 11cm 0-1 years
Magic 12cm 1-2 years
Hero 13cm 3-5 years
Warrior 14cm 6-7 years
Customs Size 15cm+ Additional $10 - please comment the custom size at checkout.
Children's Anklet Size Chart
Miracle 15cm 0-1 years
Magic 16cm 1-2 years
Hero 17cm 3 years
Warrior 18cm 4-5 years
Superhero 19cm 6-7 years
Custom Size 20cm+ Additional $10 - please comment the custom size at checkout.